Yarn for Polypique

March 13 , 2022

Thinking of innovating? You are now one step closer to reinventing your polypiqué textile production, a development with polyester yarns.

You will get a product with these characteristics:

1. Versatile for design since you can work it in full color, stripes, melanges, cationic, printed.
2. Can be dyed at low and high temperatures (cationic and disperse)
3. Generates less waste in the process, from 10% to 12% with cotton you can go to 0% to 3% waste.
4. Better shrinkage control in production, polyester is more stable.

Thinking about the end user of the garment, you will be able to offer a product that not only dries faster but also maintains its color throughout the washes and exposure to the sun, does not shrink, does not stretch and does not require ironing, saving time. and energy.

Dare to reinvent this classic and optimize the costs of your textile production. Write us to learn more about the yarns that make up this fabric.

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